Camping can be dirty business

Proper shelter keeps you safe and secure.Plan First, Pack LaterRather than throwing together the necessities at the last minute, allow time to plan and pack. You may also want to pack other personal care items like your soap, shampoo, hairbrush, and toothbrush. Sleeping in the open air under the stars might seem like the ultimate adventure, but being exposed to insects, forest animals, rain and frost is no cosmetic jar Manufacturers fun. It’s a lot easier, however, to just pack extra. Whether you camp every weekend, once every summer, or even if you haven’t camped since you were a kid, it’s important to plan ahead before your next excursion. So, they pack accordingly. If you have a supply of fresh water and a length of rope on hand, you can always wash and dry your laundry at camp. Those are the absolute necessities of life in the great outdoors. Check each item on your list as you pack, and don’t overlook anything. Your wilderness adventure can quickly turn to disastrous or even dangerous if you’re not prepared for anything.Treat every camping trip like it’s your first, even if you’ve camped many times before. To make your trip as safe and fun as possible, make a checklist of everything you need before you hit the trail.

Camping is the ultimate outdoor adventure. You have so many items to include; this is sometimes the only way to be sure that you’ve got all of your must-have camping necessities.Shelter Yourself and Sleep WellIf you bring poor shelter and shoddy bedding, your camping trip can quickly turn from paradise to purgatory. Bring along a sturdy pot and an iron frying pan, a clean grill, heavy duty tongs and a metal spatula. Remember to pack bandages, medicated ointment, a sharp outdoor knife and scissors. There are no corner stores in the forest, and no neighbors to provide those forgotten items. If canned foods are on the menu, don’t forget your can opener.CookingAnything that’s cooked over an open campfire tastes like gourmet cooking.Personal CareYou can safely leave your hair dryer and cosmetics at home, but don’t forget to pack your insect repellant, sunscreen and toilet paper. Bring enough bedding to keep you warm in the cool nighttime air, and don’t forget your pillow. Those with allergies must bring an epi-pen or allergy relief medication.Campsite Medicine CabinetSmart campers assume that if anything can go wrong, it will. You’ll want to pack a bowl, cutting board, knife and spoon for mixing and preparing foods, as well as paper (not plastic) plates, cups, silverware, aluminum foil, linens and biodegradable dish soap. Bring a few garbage bags to clean up camp when you’re done, and don’t forget to pack along plenty of matches in waterproof containers.

Camping can be dirty business, and those little surprises like rain and dust can mean an even bigger mess. Everything should be packed into a waterproof bag and kept handy. Pack everything in a waterproof bag, especially your towels and toilet paper. Don’t forget a sharp filet knife if you plan to do any fishing at camp. Follow this rule and pack up any medications and all first aid supplies that you may need at camp. Prescription medications, pain relief and vitamins are essentials. Plan ahead and make sure that you’ll be dry, warm and comfortable at all times. The temperatures can drop dramatically at night, even during the hottest months, so bring along a couple of warm shirts, extra socks and long pants for those cool evenings by the campfire. Preparation is a key to making every camping trip a safe and fun outdoor getaway..You want to remember your outdoor adventure for all the right reasons, so plan ahead and pack carefully. List all of the items you’ll want and need, and don’t forget to include those “just in case” items.Don’t Under-DressPack a clean change of clothing for each day that you will be at camp, and then pack a few extra items. It’s easy to cook at camp, but only if you’re prepared.